Monday, May 24, 2010

"and ive got mad hits like i was rod carew"

here in mpls, we are in for an exciting summer.  the arrival of the new target field has enlivened the city....there is a tangible buzz in the air, with a childlike excitement seen on the faces of those you pass on the street on game day in the city.  its proximity to local restaurants and mass transit is feels like it was neatly placed in the perfect spot, its only little nook on the corner of convenient and close.  

and this is coming from a girl who barely made jv soccer and had nightmares about the softball section of junior high gym class.  i am no jock.  attending the world cup in 2006 was a social event for me, not a soccer tournament.  so to hear me say that im excited about outdoor baseball, is big. 

so, this big environmentally awesome stadium, smack dab in the middle of our bustling metropolis is finally here.  the food and restaurants, the ability to suntan your face with a cold beverage just mere feet away from the fresh blades of well-cared-for-grass, the history lesson that is the artwork around every corner....its all great.  and for me, an event planner and for this, an event blog.....the part i love (and learned a lot about today at the ISES event held at target field) is the capacity to hold an event right there in the midst of it all.  from business meeting to mitzvah to wedding to gala, its all there.  the spaces are dazzling and diverse....from the budweiser deck where you feel atop of it all, to the champions club or delta 360 lounge with endless set up and configuration options.  (side bar:  i wonder if someone has a count on the number of fireplaces in the entire ballpark.  i think i counted over 10 in the delta lounge alone.)  of course, in its first inaugural season, the spaces are pristine.  everything is fresh and new.  but so is outdoor baseball in this town.  and i have a sneaking suspicion that excitement wont wear off for awhile.  

check out their website to learn more:

i look forward to seeing photos of actual events held there as they create and catalog.  until then i have to say i love their "furniture listing" column....tres helpful.


lindsay piram
event designer

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