Monday, May 10, 2010

a blog about blogs.

as we all know by now, blogs are everywhere.  everyone has one and you could find a blog sounding off on about any topic.

a blog on power tools?

a blueberry blog?
check out:  simply-blueberries blog for recipes, nutritional info and more.

and sunglasses.  anything and everything you ever wanted to know about sunglasses.

so you get my point right?  now take the event world.  more specifically, the wedding world.  there are soooo many wedding blogs out there it makes my head spin to think about it.  and then, when youre on one, it links to another, that links to another and another and ....
there is so much to read and take in on decor, the dress, the ring, the shoes, the invite, the favors, the place cards.....everything!  there is so much great info out there, its no wonder my clients need me to weed through it all and help it make sense to them, for them.  as fun as it all is, i know it can be overwhelming to hone in on what makes sense per person, per event.  it needs to fit and synchronize and tell a story.  the story being the start of their life and what has led them to the place they are now.  i LOVE telling that story.

blogs i heart:

i subscribe to, of course,  style me pretty.  it showcases recent weddings through photos in a way that tells the story of the couple so perfectly (usually in a very "homespun" kinda way), focusing in on all the little details and stylings we so love.

preston bailey's blog is very reflective.  more brain candy than eye candy.  (although the photos on his site are unbelievable.)  i love his "whats in, whats out" features and his reading lists.

of course, the martha stewart weddings blog is good.  everything martha does is.  amy and i met darcy miller (the editor of martha stewart weddings) at the special events show in nola in jan.  creative and stylish, her wedding point of view is a great one to read.  subscribing to "darcy's idea of the day" is a good way to get cute and clever ideas on the regular.  today's tip?  have an ice cream truck stop off at your next summer soiree.  see?  cute!

marcy blum's blog has recently become my fave.  shes sassy and opinionated and we all know i like that.  her most recent post was just so perfect.  she articulated everything ive been saying and thinking about events and their CONGRUENCY for so long.  there IS a psychology of people at events, and ignoring or disallowing for it will not bode well for a party.  it DOES take a professional, or at least some serious thought, about the mixture of elements and aesthetic put into an event....making sure they make sense.

let me know your thoughts on marcy's most recent post.  and what other event blogs you take time to read through on the regular.

thats all for today,

lindsay piram
event designer

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