Friday, February 26, 2010

Introducing Umi

We at Give My Regards To have a wide assortment of albums to order invitations from for just about any bride. One or our personal favorites is Elum Designs. Elum has the high-style modern letter-pressed designs that any stylish bride would crave for her wedding.

Elum has just introduced it’s Umi Wedding Invitation Line.
An affordable wedding invitation solution for those who don’t want to compromise on design. Umi has teamed up with Envelopments, Inc. to offer a wonderful selection of envelopes, liners and enclosures that can all be incorporated to make a truly custom package.

So come in and check out this new album.
You’ll be saying “Umi oh my!”

Friday, February 19, 2010

Invite to Event

Spring into fun with invitations that exude your personality and style! Your invitation sets the tone for the event. It creates that initial buzz amongst your guests and gets them hyped up for what’s to come.

Take for example, this great funky polka dot invitation we created for a charming girl’s Bat Mitzvah. After conceptualizing the look and feel, we took the idea to centerpiece designer Amy Mastbaum to create the perfect centerpiece for the tables. A great way to carry your theme from start to finish is by using a continuous motif from invite to table. This easy pattern makes it simple to coordinate your cake, linens and even find the perfect dress for the occasion.

And once the event is over, don’t forget about your thank you notes. Thank you notes are yet another way to connect the entire theme from start to finish and to leave a great impression in the minds of your guests.

Blog Posted by: Vanessa Kimball, Graphic Designer

* Notes: Invitations by Give My Regards To: Designer, Vanessa Kimball, Dress: Ruby Rox Girls Dress, Belted Polka Dot from Macy's, Centerpiece: Amy Mastbaum, Cake: Kim Byers

Monday, February 1, 2010

live local, act global.

while in nola, both amy and i attended some classes that pertained to our area of interest within our industry. as she mentioned in her blog last week, one of the better ones i sat in on was "trends in the middle east, europe and asia". so yeah, part of me chose this to further my bollywood event dream, but it ended up being quite dope.

the moderator was a gentleman from the live marketing firm VOK DAMS, an event agency out of germany (with offices stateside as well as london, china and dubai). the forum started out by discussing trends, identifying them in real time and how to "solve the dilemmas trends pose". no surprise sustainability, urban-centric-ness, and live local, act global were three of the ten.

i loved the idea he touched on about calculating your event/wedding carbon footprint (in lbs of Co2) and ways to offset it by contributing to clean and green projects in your area.

then he went into some realtime examples of live marketing events he has been a part of.
they included:
the launch of the YETI, the first SUV from the vw offshoot in the czech republic
nespresso new product launch at the top of a skyscraper in germany (have you seen g-force???)
PUMA product launch to kick off a line to be featured at the world cup in s. africa

one of the coolest things he showed us (in addition to photos and video of the events above) was a video about a live-marketing project that took place in dusseldorf.

until next time,

lindsay piram
event designer

ps....lots to say here at GMRT. stay tuned for multiple postings each week by others at the studio. ill be back monday!