Monday, May 25, 2009

umbrella chic.

outdoor events in minnesota.

as you have witnessed in minneapolis this week, weather here is as unpredictable as American Idol. 40 on one day and 95 three days later…and that’s in May! the summer is the same. so, how is it possible to have an outdoor event in minnesota in june?

a few things to keep in mind:

a tent.
with sidewalls. if its nice you roll them up. or if you see that the forecast looks clear, cancel it. you will pay a nominal restocking fee but peace of mind is well worth it.

plan b.
if your event space is not conducive to a tent, you MUST have a back-up plan. many hotels will double book you with a back up space. granted, it may be a meeting room on the third floor, but it is probably better than wet hair on your wedding.

if your event is outside, communicate to the guests where to go and what to do in the event of inclement weather. a back up space should be listed as well as rain or shine if you will be in the same locale, come hell or high water (literally).

roll with it.
if you’re having an event outdoors, a part of you must like being out there. having the attitude that what happens, happens is realistic, relaxed and memorable!

i'm off to LA…stay tuned for some of my west coast event inspiration spaces. (and me next to michael jackson's hollywood star.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

the photo booth: old is new. and cool again.

photo booths.

my hair sticky with cotton candy, my face adorned with a smeared and amateur unicorn face painting and my sandals dusty after having run circles in the midway mud, I find the photo booth. I slip in my shiny nickel, take my place on the crooked stool, fling closed the curtain and smile my silly smile.

we all have a vivid and tangible memory of a photo booth from our childhood.
and because of this nostalgia, photo booths have made a well-deserved comeback, at adults and kids events alike. they invoke silliness and whimsy. they capture raw and real footage of people having fun and being their true selves. due to their regained popularity, you probably have seen a photo booth at recent events.

here are some of my faves in the minneapolis area...

the travel
ing photo booth:
this is the real deal. its stainless stee
l exterior and powder blue curtain really take you back. the photo strip that emerges has two sets of photos, one for the guest to keep and one that is inserted into a custom guestbook that the guest then signs. photographic evidence of their attendance! you can even customize the center of the strip with your logo or monogram. extras abound such as thank you cards with your favorite image and a disc of images captured. parties, weddings or mitzvahs all benefit from having this photo booth at the event.

space pix:

not as muc
h of a “booth” but a great way to capture stills of your guests. the background and border are customizable either from their library of images or created by us (image from your invite, for example). this is a great way to run the theme from the invitation to the party and into the take-away as the guests will leave with their color photo. super-impose your guests onto home plate at Yankees’ Stadium at your Baseball Bar Mitzvah Party or your head onto a muscleman body at your Circus Soiree.
or add a simple border with the event name and date for a great keepsake.

mobile photo booth:
strips or 4x6, color or black & white are all
options with
se guys. the box of costumes they bring along is a big hit. their multiple booth sizes are great if space is tight.
this booth appears to take photos from further back meaning more space for a group shot. we’ve even seen mobile photo booth do a video confessional booth that turned out to be quite hilarious.

matt blum photography:
world-renowned, minneapolis based wedding
and event photographer who has done his homework and knows what his clients want: a photo booth! not a “booth” in the traditional sense, but with all the fun and nostalgia for sure. him and his partner, katie, have come up with a way to capture their guests in the coolest and most unconventional way. all it is, is a backdrop white paper screen and their super-fast flashing camera. pics print onsite in minutes and are amazing, seemingly capturing the anti-pose. I love, love the look you get…you’ve never seen grandma look so cool.
moments later, the glossy black & white photo strip emerges. I slip it into the pocket of my parachute pants, pop a saltwater taffy into my mouth and head towards the tilt-a-whirl, thinking to myself, “I wonder if I’ll look back at this someday and remember this day?”

it appears I did. and your guests will too.

lindsay piram
event planner & producer

Monday, May 11, 2009

spring has sprung.

this is spring in minneapolis:

we run (i walk) around lake calhoun, we spruce up our window boxes with beautiful annuals, we
leave the house, we dine alfresco and we have parties!

spring (ESPECIALLY in minneapolis) is as good a reason as any to throw a party. spring also seems to be the time we are invited to or hosting bridal showers, mother’s day luncheons and graduation parties.
Martha Stewart Weddings

at give my regards to we offer three distinct levels of event planning services: full service, day of and hourly (see for a full descrip of each). hourly is great for the self-starter who knows they want to throw their niece a beautiful but understated bridal shower for her july wedding or the busy parents who want to express to their grad how proud they are of his accomplishments. with hourly consultation, i fill in the bash blanks on menu, décor, etc. here’s how:

a few fun ideas
to add some primavera to your par-tay:

think fresh, local and seasonal accents…

  • neighborhood farmers markets are sproutin’ up everywhere. check here first for tulips that can make a stunning centerpiece.
  • in-season asparagus, melon and berries = fresh, available and affordable. wrap the melon in proscuitto, grill the asparagus and top with feta and balsamic and serve berries with mascarpone and lemon zest and you have a fanciful meal!

use color to emanate the season…

  • yellow (way hot right now, ps), orange and pinks are all indicative of spring. add some bright green to make it pop.
  • use these spring colors in your linens, floral, food and invite. are you following along? if so, you know THIS is your theme!

source spring as your favor…

  • a petite potted herb (that could adorably double as the place card)
  • brightly colored candy ( in clear boxes (so as not to hide our hues)
  • the tulip centerpieces! (visit ikea for vases and you won’t care that they walk away.)

now go already and celebrate spring!


lindsay piram
event planner & producer

Monday, May 4, 2009

What makes a great party?

What makes a great party? Is it the fabulous food or the divine décor? Is it the hottest venue or the rock star band? All are key components of throwing a bodacious bash…but in and of themselves, they can’t make or break you. Foul food won’t ruin the night, but it may make your guests flag the valet and head for the nearest drive-thru faster than you had hoped. And come to think of it, a bad band is BAD.

But, what ultimately makes a party is creating a GUEST EXPERIENCE. Your guests feel like they were a part of something. They belonged and who doesn’t want to belong? This starts with the invitation. That simple piece of paper (or not-so-simple, come on, this is GMRT we are talking about, after all!), hand delivered to their home, with THEIR name printed on it begins the experience. It sets the tone.

From there, you take that theme and you run it through, from beginning to end. Go crazy and don’t miss a beat. This does not suggest you hit your friends and family over the head with the theme, however. That can happen and I suggest avoidance of that tactic. (No grass skirts and coconut bras at the door, please). But rather, a theme can be as simple as a color, a monogram or logo, an object or as out-there as “Mardi Gras” or a “Diner de Tetes” (talk about options!). The décor transports you, the food invokes a memory or nostalgia, the lighting tells a story (like what time of day YOU want it to be versus what time it actually is) and the entertainment engages you. Satisfy all their senses: let them hear your theme through a live performer. Let them taste your theme through flavors of where you want them to be. Let them smell your theme through flowers or live plants or aromas of where this theme originated (Mardi Gras = Bayou, Diner de Tetes = The streets of France). Let them touch and see your décor through layered and textured fabrics or using the space above and drawing their eye up. If your theme is as simple as a color (love!) than use that color in every shade and hue it comes in. There ARE gray flowers, just partner with someone ( who will be creative and find them for you. Transport your guests.

As they walk out the door at the end of the evening…they may not be able to specifically put their finger on WHAT made it the party of the year, but they will know that it was. Why? Because it was cohesive, thematic and made them feel a part of something. They belonged. What a gift you gave your guest.


lindsay piram
event planner & producer