Monday, March 29, 2010

once upon a STAR....awards

what an honor to be NOMINATED, among the industry's finest, for a 2010 minnesota ISES star award for best use of food and beverage...and to WIN!

congratulations to a few of our amazing vendor partners who also took home an award:

kevin nelson, ultimate events
amy coppersmith, coppersmith photography
sheree bochenek, apres party and tent rental

a night of latin libations, an action-packed awards presentation capped off by sexy salsa rhythms and dancing.....we had a blast!

a little about the event we were honored for:

A local nightclub was transformed for an evening into a sultry supper club complete with food and libations reminiscent of the forties. Through extensive research and planning, the original and authentic recipes and presentation methods of that era were brought to the table while transporting the 200 guests into an evening of retro merriment and celebration. From classic cocktails and a raw bar to table-side dinner service, guests were nudged with nostalgia from the moment they checked their coats.

we hope to be back next year....maybe your next event is the big winner!


lindsay piram
event designer

Monday, March 22, 2010

nautical nuptials.

a fly on the wall of our studio would tell you that i talk a lot about continual concept, or event flow and theme.

this, to me, means that the concept or theme (yes, even weddings have themes) is a tasteful thread woven delicately through the event from initial invite to final favor. EVERYTHING coordinates without necessarily being "matchy matchy". the invite, custom postage, place card, table number (and frame it sits in), menu, cocktail napkin, guest towel, goodie bag (and of course flowers, linens and other decor) all are part of a cohesive set. nothing goes unnoticed.

a beloved GMRT event, Nautical Nuptials, was recently featured in MPLS ST PAUL WEDDINGS (spring/summer 2010 issue, on newsstands now). it brilliantly shows how each piece, as described above, is a part of a whole.

menu: custom GMRT designs
napkins and goodie bag:
aren (available at GMRT)
match book place cards:
custom GMRT designs
table number: custom GMRT designs

now shoo fly....back to work.

lindsay piram

Friday, March 19, 2010

What TYPE are you?

What TYPE are you?

A lot can be said in a certain font or type you choose for your designs.

What type connects with your personality?

We at Give My Regards To wanted to share what type we are. We all had our laughs over how true this is.

Amy Zaroff

Type: Architype Van Doesburg

All uppercase font, exuding strength and purpose

Each letter occupies the same space as the next, it’s created equally

Nothing is less significant than the other

Lindsay Piram

Type: Bifur

A French typeface showcasing exceptionally strong lines and exceptionally delicate lines to make letters come together in a playful and recreational way


Vanessa Kimball

Type: Archer Hairline

Modern and straight forward with tiny outbreaks of elegance and tiny dots of emotion

Outwardly composed

Allie Markman

Type: Lettres Ornees

A French woodcut font used for book covers or title pages

Decorative structured typeface with a touch of whimsy orientation and light hearted fluidity

So try it out! You may be surprised.

Monday, March 15, 2010

sugar high.

lately, it seems to be all about the cake. the custom cake, most likely because of the rise in popularity of reality cake shows like ace of cakes and food network challenge, has become all the rage. the piece de resistance . it is a sure place to showcase the theme and can serve as edible decor (who doesnt love a 2 for 1?!). usually placed in a prominent place and always a total talking point...many in awe that sugar can take such forms.

a recent trip to gateaux left ME in utter awe. i could not stop looking at this cake. owner and head baker, robin is a sugar genius. who cares if it tastes good (it does), the way it LOOKS is a show-stopper. not just wedding cakes, she too has seen a rise in the “party cake”.

cupcakes are a way to make a cake, reality. its no secret that custom cakes can be $$$. there are many cupcake exclusive shops in mpls as well as full bakeries that have added the cupcake to their list of sweets. a few faves:

yum! (SLP)

every dessert is rich and decadent, neighborhood feel, always packed

sweets bakeshop (st paul)

emphasis on local and organic, macarons are also amazing

cupcake (st paul)

cooool flavors, online ordering

franklin street bakery (mpls)

can you say g-a-n-a-c-h-e????

miel y leche

super sweet with lots of great flavor choices

butter (35th and grand)

if you want a pastry, get there by noon

and opening spring 2010:

cake eater (seward)

though the cupcake as been around has a substitute to wedding cakes at events for years, the creativity in flavors, frosting and custom cupcake papers are making them much more than a passing trend but a mainstay in desserts.

have your custom-cake (or cup-cake)...and eat it too.

lindsay piram

event designer

Monday, March 8, 2010

what is "savoir faire"?

and why would we name our blog after it?

savoir faire literally means "to know how to do", in french. to respond appropriately in any situation. a french saying so commonly used in english, much like je ne sais quoi ("i dont know what") or laissez faire ("let do"), you dont need a degree in french to have heard.
in my opinion, the french know whats up. from bread to perfume, if its french....i prefer it. after living there in 2000, i fell in love. with the french. and its not hard to do. i dont think theyre rude, i think theyre picky. and i like that they make you earn their affection. they know they have a good thing...its like this cool confidence and i dig it.

so, why do i think "savoir faire" makes sense as a name for an event and invitation blog? because we are here to help. to help YOU "know how to do". do we know it all? nope. but we do love parties and paper and are passionate about sharing what we DO know, with you. all day, everyday (or at least monday through saturday) we are researching, designing, collaborating, writing, creating, brainstorming, seeking...all things events, so we can bring the latest and greatest to you. all of us LOVE what we do and its evident in the parties and paper we create for you. in the days and weeks ahead you will see (read) more, not just from me, but all of us at the studio. (did you see the new pic up top? thats all of us.)

from etiquette to event trends to engraved invites and onward, stay with us as we explore the world of parties and paper, as we know it. occasionally in french.

merci beaucoup,

lindsay piram
event designer

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mitzvah Mania!

A 50s Sock Hop, a Hawaiian Luau and the groovy sounds of disco in the 70s... What do these things have in common? They are all Mitzvah themes...and among our favorite things to work on here at Give My Regards To.

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is when a young person becomes an adult in the Jewish tradition. At the age of 13, the child is called to the Torah and becomes responsible for observing the commandments. After years of hard work and’s time to celebrate!

From invitation to decor, food to farewell, all aspects of a theme are developed and carried through the event.

As planners, these events allow us to be truly creative and pull out all of the ideas we dreamed about as kids. We love a good theme...and it shows!

Take a look at some of the fun and fabulous themes we have brought to life this year!

Special thanks to Jeff Schmieg Photography for the fun photos of these great events.

Live from Rydell High, Danny and Sandy made an appearance at the Sock Hop!

A taste of the tropics in the Twin Cities at this Hawaiian Luau!

As guests returned to shore, the evening ended hot, hot, hot!

Groovy colors & funky vibes...

The client provided us with adorable bracelets that were used as napkin rings and later given away as favors.