Friday, March 19, 2010

What TYPE are you?

What TYPE are you?

A lot can be said in a certain font or type you choose for your designs.

What type connects with your personality?

We at Give My Regards To wanted to share what type we are. We all had our laughs over how true this is.

Amy Zaroff

Type: Architype Van Doesburg

All uppercase font, exuding strength and purpose

Each letter occupies the same space as the next, it’s created equally

Nothing is less significant than the other

Lindsay Piram

Type: Bifur

A French typeface showcasing exceptionally strong lines and exceptionally delicate lines to make letters come together in a playful and recreational way


Vanessa Kimball

Type: Archer Hairline

Modern and straight forward with tiny outbreaks of elegance and tiny dots of emotion

Outwardly composed

Allie Markman

Type: Lettres Ornees

A French woodcut font used for book covers or title pages

Decorative structured typeface with a touch of whimsy orientation and light hearted fluidity

So try it out! You may be surprised.

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