Monday, March 8, 2010

what is "savoir faire"?

and why would we name our blog after it?

savoir faire literally means "to know how to do", in french. to respond appropriately in any situation. a french saying so commonly used in english, much like je ne sais quoi ("i dont know what") or laissez faire ("let do"), you dont need a degree in french to have heard.
in my opinion, the french know whats up. from bread to perfume, if its french....i prefer it. after living there in 2000, i fell in love. with the french. and its not hard to do. i dont think theyre rude, i think theyre picky. and i like that they make you earn their affection. they know they have a good thing...its like this cool confidence and i dig it.

so, why do i think "savoir faire" makes sense as a name for an event and invitation blog? because we are here to help. to help YOU "know how to do". do we know it all? nope. but we do love parties and paper and are passionate about sharing what we DO know, with you. all day, everyday (or at least monday through saturday) we are researching, designing, collaborating, writing, creating, brainstorming, seeking...all things events, so we can bring the latest and greatest to you. all of us LOVE what we do and its evident in the parties and paper we create for you. in the days and weeks ahead you will see (read) more, not just from me, but all of us at the studio. (did you see the new pic up top? thats all of us.)

from etiquette to event trends to engraved invites and onward, stay with us as we explore the world of parties and paper, as we know it. occasionally in french.

merci beaucoup,

lindsay piram
event designer

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