Monday, May 18, 2009

the photo booth: old is new. and cool again.

photo booths.

my hair sticky with cotton candy, my face adorned with a smeared and amateur unicorn face painting and my sandals dusty after having run circles in the midway mud, I find the photo booth. I slip in my shiny nickel, take my place on the crooked stool, fling closed the curtain and smile my silly smile.

we all have a vivid and tangible memory of a photo booth from our childhood.
and because of this nostalgia, photo booths have made a well-deserved comeback, at adults and kids events alike. they invoke silliness and whimsy. they capture raw and real footage of people having fun and being their true selves. due to their regained popularity, you probably have seen a photo booth at recent events.

here are some of my faves in the minneapolis area...

the travel
ing photo booth:
this is the real deal. its stainless stee
l exterior and powder blue curtain really take you back. the photo strip that emerges has two sets of photos, one for the guest to keep and one that is inserted into a custom guestbook that the guest then signs. photographic evidence of their attendance! you can even customize the center of the strip with your logo or monogram. extras abound such as thank you cards with your favorite image and a disc of images captured. parties, weddings or mitzvahs all benefit from having this photo booth at the event.

space pix:

not as muc
h of a “booth” but a great way to capture stills of your guests. the background and border are customizable either from their library of images or created by us (image from your invite, for example). this is a great way to run the theme from the invitation to the party and into the take-away as the guests will leave with their color photo. super-impose your guests onto home plate at Yankees’ Stadium at your Baseball Bar Mitzvah Party or your head onto a muscleman body at your Circus Soiree.
or add a simple border with the event name and date for a great keepsake.

mobile photo booth:
strips or 4x6, color or black & white are all
options with
se guys. the box of costumes they bring along is a big hit. their multiple booth sizes are great if space is tight.
this booth appears to take photos from further back meaning more space for a group shot. we’ve even seen mobile photo booth do a video confessional booth that turned out to be quite hilarious.

matt blum photography:
world-renowned, minneapolis based wedding
and event photographer who has done his homework and knows what his clients want: a photo booth! not a “booth” in the traditional sense, but with all the fun and nostalgia for sure. him and his partner, katie, have come up with a way to capture their guests in the coolest and most unconventional way. all it is, is a backdrop white paper screen and their super-fast flashing camera. pics print onsite in minutes and are amazing, seemingly capturing the anti-pose. I love, love the look you get…you’ve never seen grandma look so cool.
moments later, the glossy black & white photo strip emerges. I slip it into the pocket of my parachute pants, pop a saltwater taffy into my mouth and head towards the tilt-a-whirl, thinking to myself, “I wonder if I’ll look back at this someday and remember this day?”

it appears I did. and your guests will too.

lindsay piram
event planner & producer

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