Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Best of Minnesota Bride

We came, we partied, we didn’t take home the prize… but we were nominated. (And boy, were we excited about it.)

Everyone who is anyone in the Twin Cities Bridal Industry made an appearance at the 2009 Minnesota Bride Best Of Awards at the Varsity Theater on Wednesday, July 8th. It was a lively crowd of floral designers, caterers, jewelers, stationers, decorators, photographers, and so many other “ers” and “ors” that I can’t even mention all of them at once.

Vanessa Kimball, our amazing graphic designer, Lindsay Piram, event planner extraordinaire and usual author of this blog, and I (we missed our beloved manager Greta Andzenge,
who was off learning to breathe in birthing class), donned our finest duds and celebrated our nomination with a signature cocktail the hosts called “Something Blue.” Way to appeal to the wedding crowd… It was a mix of UV Vodka, sprite, and something blue I guess…too sweet for me, but at least it got us in the wedding vendor vibe for the night.

The cocktails were flowing and the food was plentiful. The music was loud and the people were louder. (Probably because they only get out when working other people’s events.) The awards were handed out and we applauded our friends and colleagues.

Cheers to Eric Sandstrom of Floral Logic, Don Jensen of Linen Effects, calligrapher Rosann Konieczny and the entire team at D’amico Catering for their well deserved awards. We love working with these amazing companies and invite all of you to check them out as well.

Until the usual blogger is back next week, make every day a reason to celebrate!

(And by the way, I do take full responsibility for missing the deadline my employee set forth for me on Monday. Thank goodness my staff keeps me in line and holds me accountable for my tardiness.)

Amy Zaroff


Give My Regards To said...

also a round of applause for the boys at the traveling photobooth...top of the crown!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your nomination!

Nancy said...

Wow, really beautiful wedding celebration. Total arrangement is really looking nice.

Nancy said...

Really beautiful wedding celebrations.