Monday, July 20, 2009

let me see you tootsie roll.

the chicken dance.
the train, the choo-choo train (you can ride it).
the electric slide.

how can you avoid catastrophe by having those played at your wedding? (assuming you want to).

music selections and the performance of your musical entertainment plays a HUGE part in the overall
success of your wedding festivities. a good band gets people to the dance floor...and they stay there (versus them fetching their car and heading home). a few tips to make sure the dancing at your wedding is a lot less chicken dance:

hire a band.
there is nothing more festive and celebratory than a big band with brass and drums and big, booming vocals. its retro, its fun and it puts you in the mood to "shake your groove thing".

hand select your songs.
a list of songs that your band knows should be provided. go through it (some can be long) and make sure you like what you see. if not, ask with enough advance notice, and they may be able to learn something special.

consider your audience.
most likely, your grandma will be at your wedding. play something she wants to hear. also in attendance, i assume, are your loud college friends and your fiances frat pledge class....and what they want, i'm going on a limb here, is not what grandma requested. you CAN play both and still keep the dance floor packed...a good band and song selection will make it happen.

feed the frenzy.
if you follow the simple steps above, i think
your dance floor will reap the rewards. what's the last step to keep it hoppin'? feed the crowd. whether its more sweets like cold ice cream cones or late night savory snacks like pizza or egg sandwiches wrapped in the morning news...bring the food TO the dance floor. this will keep them from having to leave it and will energize them all night long. (a bar with close proximity doesn't hurt either).

good band + the right song choices = packed dance floor

packed dance floor = great party

lindsay piram
event planner and producer

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Berg said...

Does Will Smith - MIB count as a good song?