Monday, July 6, 2009

chinatown, usa.

i love chinatown. and the best chinatown of all chinatowns? san francisco chinatown.

how can a place like chinatown help your next event? think theme!

there is so much thematics in chinatown its ridic. from the tea sets to the samurai swords (ok, some is really cliche), everything there is centered by a theme...of what? china! seriously though, it can teach you a lot about taking one thought or idea and running with it. theme can be totally kitschy or simply subtle...but theme, at least to me, is required for an event to feel cohesive.

everything you need is in chinatown, whether you're hosting a dinner party with far east flair or your sons "kung fu panda" party. you can walk away with your arms full or wander and gather mental merchandise (thats what i call ideas).

not every city has its own chinatown, how i wish they did. but there are similar haunts in your city, i am sure. check out your local markets (flea markets, bazaars, farmers markets) for authentic items for your decor and menu (saffron is WAY less expensive at a global market than your supermarket, priced per thread). locale specific grocers are also a great place to submerse your
self in theme. arabic and asian markets are full of spices and sauces and are great places to check out to think theme (and fill your pantry).

here in mpls i highly recommend visiting the Global Market on Lake Street. it houses latin, caribbean, asian and arabic specialities all under one roof! parties are just waiting to be happen with all that is here. i guess the Global Market could be considered the closest thing we have to chinatown (one sprawling building vs. an entire neighborhood), for now.

do yourself a favor and find your city's own chinatown (or version of). you will be glad you did.


lindsay piram
event planner & producer

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