Monday, April 26, 2010

what's your.......color?

i am pantone obsessed.  from simple color bridges to the pantone app on the iphone (a virtual color library at your fingertips and the ability to bring color with you anywhere), pantone takes COLOR to another level.

and ever since i discovered the pantone fashion color report, i havent stopped clipping and ripping out swatches of my favorite combos and hues.  the report is divided into spring and fall, released bi-annually and features designers such as betsey johnson. michael kors and zac posen with a sketched piece or ensemble in one of the 10 colors featured in the report. 

its been shown that color trends are first seen on the runway in designers new collections.  the following year you will see those colors predominately in home decor and interior design.  the second year of the color, it emerges into events.  so for example, shitake (pantone 18-1015) was a part of the fall 2008 color report.  that means, this fall 2010, shitake is a totally happening part of an event color story.

look at yellow (freesia, pantone 14-0852), this color was everywhere in fashion in 2008 (and still is, actually).  i received the most fabulous yellow bag in October of 2008 as a thank you from a client.  i love the brightness of it and the statement it makes with about any look.  now, spring 2010 and yellow is THE event color.  its like my event-color-crystal-ball!

the pantone color reports (and their ability to forecast the color story) are amazing.  but wait, it gets even better.  enter colorstrology.  based on the day of your birth, a pantone color is assigned to you followed by three words and a short description about YOU and how wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself in this color will help xy and z.  it may not be your favorite color (although mine happens to be) but if you feel an aversion to the color, they recommend looking at the colors that were used to create it and see which one is creating the tension or disturbance.  (see more in the "about colorstrology" section)

it really is a fun, cool tool that met our team at GMRT with an uncanny pinpoint precision.  soon you will be checking out your moms color, your ex-boyfriends color and everyone in-between.  id love to hear what you discover, through COLOR, about you and those you love (and love to hate).  

go pantone.

lindsay piram
event designer

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