Tuesday, April 6, 2010

love your locks.

as wedding planners and designers, we feel nothing is outside our realm when it comes to your big day.  we advise on everything from venue to menu, transportation to videography....even honeymoon and dance lessons.  to add to the "princess for a day" mindset, many brides opt to have a stylist handle their hair (and make-up).  sometimes the bridal party and mothers too.  its a fun morning to spend with your maids, calming your nerves before the big walk down the aisle.  a few tips to keep you stress-free:

there is no harm in finding your stylist months out.  they tend to book fast and blocking out an entire weekend day for you and your event takes planning.  after your first meeting, you may want to meet others and booking early allows time for that.

many offer a free consultation before your actual wedding day.  its important that you like her or him, feel like they listen to you and understand what you're after.  bring your veil and any hair accessory or flower you plan to use.  

comb through bridal magazines and other fashion 'zines to find the look youre after or a combo of styles you like.  up or down, messy or sleek, its great for them to see exactly what you like.  they will then advise you whether or not your hair can handle, and if not offer suggestions of how the look can be achieved (for example, extensions or temporary hair pieces).

dont wash your hair.  going to your practice, and your wedding day, with dirty hair allows it to hold the style.  dont worry about shine, there are plenty of products to achieve that without it being squeaky clean.

as with all areas of the wedding planning and designing process, speaking-up is key.  dont worry that youre hurting their feelings if you dont like it.  their goal is to make you happy and if youre not happy with the first updo at your practice, let them know then so they can make adjustments while you are still in the chair.  

bridal hair and the entire primping ritual is another area that we love to advise upon...anything we can do to help you look and FEEL your best.


lindsay piram
event designer

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