Monday, June 15, 2009

please. and thank you.

as a child...

i walked with books on my head, by choice.

when i set the table, i set salad, dinner, dessert and shrimp forks. when having tacos.

my school lunch box, included a linen napkin. pressed and folded.

i sent thank you notes to my slumber party hosts.

i guess you could say, etiquette has always been important to me. and in my career, nothing has changed. etiquette, to me, is a sign of respect. respect to tradition and also to the guests and hosts of an event.

so, today...a few simple etiquette "rules" i live by.
and you should too:

spell correctly.
whether it's the menu at an event, the (reluctantly) invited cousin's girlfriend's name on the invitation or text within a program: proof, proof and proof again. take time and do some research to get the accent on the french wine varietal just right. email your aunt and make sure cadie opts for the c. and the d. explain the significance of a huppah at a jewish wedding, not the hippo. (spell check wont catch that but proofers will.) it bodes well for you in the end.

source those old dusty stationery grammar books.
believe it or not, when inviting a child to a formal event, it should read "master ben miller". i know this sounds crazy and even outdated, but if you're going formal, i recommend going all the way. there are certain ways to address judges, doctors, widows and officers. all of this and more is included within
Crane's Blue Book of Stationery. here at give my regards to, there are literally copies on every desk and shelf.

put your napkin on your lap.
as soon as you're seated! this is a big one and to me, encompasses all table manners, such as: let the ladies order first. use the utensils from the outside in. pass items, such as bread baskets, to your right. excuse yourself if leaving the table. lay your flatware diagonally across your plate to signal you are finished. simple, right?

be grateful.
a thank you goes a long way. a thank you note, even further. it is such a simple gesture, but makes people feel appreciated. and insures you get invited back! i've written them as a host, to my guests (ESPECIALLY if gifts were involved) and as a guest, to a host for a great event. including something unique to that event, within the text, helps personalize it. ("the nutella crepes were divine. merci!") come see us if you need some new thank you notes...there are some adorable options that make you want to send, send, send. (so cute that my son has had a set since age two.)

lindsay piram

event planner & producer

next week i'll be blogging from napa valley....this should be interesting.

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Stephanie Knigge said...

Thank you for posting about etiquette! There are so many people who don't realize how important it is.