Monday, June 8, 2009

how to have a haute party.

what to wear?

when it comes to my wardrobe, i abide by the following: i splurge on basics that will never go out of style (motorcycle jacket, black cocktail dress, cowboy boots) and i force myself to be frugal and smart when it comes to th
at season's trends. i just can't justify blowing the bank on a feathered bikini…it would be SO cool, but laughable by next season. son in tow, we hit up sale racks, vintage stores (because everything that’s cool now, has been cool before) and designer outlets to still get the look, but for a lot less.

so, the blog begs, can fashion trends transcend to events? let's explore:

rock and roll:

"equal parts rebellious and refined, this 90's style" is characteri
zed by black, frays, rips and tears, more black and studs…100% downtown. an event look would rock this style with black on black, couture cutting (contrived rips), stark floral arrangements with all one flower (callas would be cool). bring in the studded look through metallic accents (flatware and serve-ware). and lots of leather…seating is an obvious place for this.

open range:

feathers and fringe. wild at heart. life on the prairie gets a fashion update. i see this trend becoming event décor through suede,
flowing fabrics, untamed floral, natural tones with pops of color inspired by nature (turquoise, orange). keep in mind, the juxtaposition of a cowboy boot and a long, laura ingalls wilder floral print dress will look just as cool when interpreted at an event as it does on the runway. this is done with bold, worn-in, chocolate leather seating against a pastel table-scape with quail feathers mixed into a bucket or pitcher of wildflowers.

floral and feminine:

old school ladylike meets modern ‘tude. floral patterns, sheer fabrics and ethereal layers combine flirtatiousness and elegance. incorporating vintage pieces into the event décor will weight this look accompanied by silk and sheer linens. nothing too heavy though (no drapes) or it will date the look. floral motifs can be exhibited through not only pattern, but texture, too to soften the look. anchor it with neutrals (like you’d pair ivory linen trousers with a floral blouse) to keep it elegant and modern.

global goddess:
find inspir
ation from distant lands like southeast asia or the plains of sub-saharan africa. beads, bold prints and embroidery transport us to new lands and new looks. bold linens with funky pots, nothing contrived and lots of layers. lighting is low for nighttime and daytime events of this type should soak up the sun. moroccan teacups can double as adorable and appropriate wine glasses, toss some beaded pillows down and cover your table with animal prints and bold patterns.

the four current spring/summer fashion trends listed above can certainly translate to an event, but keep in mind that trends change with the seasons…a prairie-inspired party next spring will be far less cool than this spring. (by then i'll be dishing on the super-hero look that's sweeping the runway!) fashion magazines and fashion show footage from pari
s or new york are my new favorite places for event inspiration, now all you need to figure out is what to wear to your party!

lindsay piram,
event planner & producer

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