Wednesday, August 5, 2009

roses are red....

roses are red, violets are're as sweet as maple surple.

lets talk about flowers.

i have to say, being a wedding planner requires you to be quite proficient in a number of areas. we are designers. we are organizers. we are foodies. we are wine nerds. and we know flowers. over time you just acquire this stuff, or you should in order to provide your client the most factual and up-to-date information. that said, i of course trust the experts. i have no problem defaulting to the florist on seasonal varietals or the like. but going into meetings and interactions with florists with a base of knowledge will make the meeting more productive and actually more fun.'s a quickie:

season: winter and spring.
red, white, pink, yellow and green.
often associated with holidays but a few cut blooms can look dramatic when clustered.

calla lily.
season: winter, spring.
white, orange, aubergine, mocha, green, pink, red.
these can be expensive but they are modern, look amazing when clustered or super tall. they remind me of soap operas (idk why), in a good way.

season: year-round.
like every color ever and can easily be dyed (see your prom pics).
are back! yep, i said it. tightly tucked into balls is a very cool look. and the versatility, available colors and affordability make them a no-brainer.

season: summer and fall.
white, pink, red, deep purple (almost black).
these flowers are big and fluffy...make a big impact but can be hard to find.

season: summer.
BEAUTIFUL scent but bruise easy.
super-duper elegant.

gerbera daisy.
season: year round.
bright vibrant colors (red, pink, orange, white).
simple and cheery...great for CASUAL events.
a bit 90s-esque but fun and whimsical too.

season: summer.
white, pink, red, orange, yellow, purple.
these are the guys you see in buckets at the farmer's market. all colors with long stems that work well in tall arrangements. we use a lot on chuppahs and the blooms can be opened by hand and wired together to make one, big bloom that is STRIKING and will have your guests saying "what IS that?"

season: summer and fall.
white, pink, blue, green and purple.
the color of this flower actually depends on the soil its planted in...i love that idea. (nerd alert).
oversize blooms that then require less filler, big bang for the buck.

season: spring and summer.
white, pink, orange, yellow.
hmmm...strong, overpowering a bit 80s. when i worked for the Ritz, we had to remove all lilies before jerry bruckheimer arrived. i agree with him. if you must use, have your florist remove the pollen-dripping stamen in the middle to avoid staining. and sneezing.

season: spring.
white, pink, red and deep purple.
super popular and super pretty. i remember the ants loving them in backyard as a child. trendy little ants. they can be pricey (because they are somewhat hard to get) but just a few still look fluffy and lush.

season: winter and spring.
white, pink, red, orange, yellow.
my personal fave. the tight buds can fill in around bigger blooms but also adorable on their own. i love the layers of petals and the curly, erratic stems.

season: winter and spring.
purple, white, yellow, orange, red.
they twist and twirl, look good on their own or as fillers. readily available too. check out the french ones...super cute. (as all french things are).

so, there you have it. a brief tour of the bad boys of the garden. hope this helps next time you find yourself wandering through the cooler at your floral'll look so smart!

lindsay piram,
event planner & producer.
and wanna-be florist.

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